wabi sabi

B SIMPLE wants us away from the hustle and bustle of the city for peaceful break in the nature, wearing a comfortable wardrobe with a colours palette that inspires a sense of tranquillity for mind, body and soul.


With roots in Zen Buddhism, Wabi-sabi encourages a peaceful appreciation of life in the most holistic sense, with its ups and downs.

In her book “Wabi-Sabi – the Art of Everyday Life” author Diane Durston explains that the word “Wabi” connotes “tranquil simplicity [and] a serene, transcendental state of mind”, while “Sabi” is “beauty that treasures the passage of time [and] the patina that age bestows”.

Put the two together and the principle is clear – though life may not always be perfect, we should try to appreciate it.

Keep your life simple, natural and grounded. What better way to balance the speed of modern-day life with the often slow and mindful ways of Wabi-sabi

So this season, ride the Wabi-sabi wave and enjoy the tranquillity that comes with it.


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