Máscara social modelo flat

Flat model social mask

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The mask is for social use, is reusable and is certified by CITEVE.

It is not personal protective equipment (PPE).

A mask it has been carefully designed to provide greater comfort. It consists of 3 layers of 100% cotton jersey and an adjustable nose clip. 

It is machine washable at 60º, and we advise you to always wash it after each use. 

For effective use, wash your hands and place the mask on the face by adjusting it by pressing on the nose area and below the chin, at the same time place the elastics behind the ears. Before removing, wash your hands and release the elastics without touching the fabric part. If you are at home, wash the mask immediately into a sink with hot running water and soap, and let it soak for a few minutes. If you cannot wash it immediately, store it in an airtight bag/envelope.

If you are working away from home: we advise you to use 2 masks with different colors. One color for the departure and another color for the return. 

The use of mask does not replace hand hygiene recommendations and social distancing.

This product is available in mustard and blue in packs of 2, 4, 6 or 8 units.

100% designed and produced in Portugal.

VAT included in the price.