dress twice

This is the time of year to reflect on so much well received! And give it back double!
That's why it makes so much sense to involve in this campaign those who help us to go further, from the support we've had to the collaborations we've made, and you, who contribute so much to keep this dream going!

Thus, during the month of December, for each piece of clothing purchased from B Simple, we donated 1 piece of clothing to the closet of a vulnerable woman accompanied by IPSS Vida Norte (www.vidanorte.org)


All purchases made here at the online store, and at stores in Porto (@brandsforgood) and Lisbon (@mesque.concept) are valid.

Where and how will we donate? 
In our atelier in Braga, a showroom will be prepared so that each woman can choose the 3 pieces that best adapt to her body and her style, with the help of Margarida Sanchez, creator of the brand.

What are we going to donate? 
All the pieces that are part of previous collections and that are not available for sale in our stores: coats, knitwear, blouses, tops, t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and jumpsuits. 

Who are we going to donate to? 
The Women/Mothers accompanied by Vida Norte.