about b.simple

Bsimple is a brand proudly designed and consciously produced in Portugal.

It aims to promote the well-being and comfort of cosmopolitan women in their daily lives.

There is a journey that begins within each woman, a search for her identity, her values and her balance. Much more than a clothing brand, Bsimple wants to be part of a lifestyle that accompanies the inner discovery of each woman.

Our pieces are minimalist and original, based on a set of values of feminism, independence and modernity. We interpret fashion with a classic yet daring perspective, transforming each creation into a timeless and innovative piece.

We want to be like a second skin, so that your personality and your truth can shine through.

We are a sustainable brand, which advocates more conscious and fair consumption, framed in a more ethical lifestyle. The collections are 100% produced in Portugal, in limited quantities, with carefully selected raw materials.



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Bsimple is owned by:

Bernardo Sousa Ribeiro, Unipessoal Lda.

Rua Eduardo Esperança nº 8

4715 - 307 Braga - Portugal

NIPC: 515062987