Privacy and cookies policy


b simple processes the personal data of Users who visit our Online Store and who use our Service. In this Privacy Policy, we would like to inform you about the personal data we process and why. b simple Barcelona is responsible for processing your personal data. Please read this information carefully so that you can understand how we process your data and also what your rights are.


  1. What kind of information does b simple use?

There are two general categories for the information we collect and/or request.


Information that the User provides to us

We process the data we receive from you. For example, when registering as a User or when contacting our Customer Support.


Account Information . If you want to buy from our Online Store, you can create an Account. For this, you will have to choose a password and enter your email address.


Profile Information 🇧🇷 In addition, in order for you to use our Service and for us to provide the Service, we will ask you to provide us with certain information, such as, for example, your full name, email address, telephone number, address , date of birth, tax identification number (NIF). This information is necessary for us to contact you, but also to ensure that the items you purchase can be shipped.


Contact information. When you contact our Customer Support team or when this team contacts you, we collect information regarding the reason for this contact and all other information you provide us by telephone or email.


other information 🇧🇷 We may ask for your opinion about our Service through an email or online survey. We appreciate your feedback and will only process personal data (such as your email address or User ID) that may be collected by us or our service provider for internal analytics purposes in order to improve our Services.


Information we collect automatically

When you use our Online Store, we collect information about your activities, such as clicks, purchases made and information about your device, in order to provide you with a better Service.


Usage information 🇧🇷 We collect information regarding interest profiles, qualifications and characteristics of Users, so that we know what type of User you are, your location and which articles you like. This information allows us to know what you are interested in and to customize our Service for you. For example, based on your browsing habits, we may send you marketing emails targeted to your interests. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please unsubscribe using the link in your email.


usage data 🇧🇷 We automatically collect certain information sent by your internet browser when you use our Online Store, even if you have not created an Account or are not logged in to your Account. This information includes, among other things: data relating to how you have used the Store (including links to third-party applications), IP address, access times, hardware and software information, and information relating to the device used.


Transaction information. We keep records of transaction and payment data relating to Purchase Agreements. This may be more exhaustive than the concise overview you have in your Account.


Cookies. We also use cookies (small text files sent by your computer each time you visit our Online Store). These techniques allow us, for example, to recognize the User, save his preferences and language settings and facilitate his access to the Online Store on our website. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information about our use of cookies.


  1. Does b simple use the information for what purposes?

When you provide your data to b simple, you consent to the fact that these data can be used for different purposes. Below you can read for what purposes we use your personal data.


The provision of our Service

We use your data to fulfill the contractual obligations we have with you and to ensure that our Service is provided to you in the best possible way. In this context, we use your data to:

  • allow you to access and use our Online Store, including payment features
  • present the Online Store in a format compatible with your internet browser and the device you use
  • provide customer support through various channels, such as e-mail (preferably) and phone/sms (only as a last resort or if you indicate this to be your preference)
  • send status updates, invoices and/or payment reminders via email, SMS, WhatsApp, any other type of direct message or push notifications
  • organize our internal administration


To deliver, personalize, measure and improve our advertising and marketing

We want our Online Store to be appealing to all our users. Therefore, it is in our (legitimate) interest to find out what you click on and what you think about our Products. In this context, we process your data to:

  • show you suggestions (such as matching items) and advertisements targeted to your interests (on other websites) based on your activities on our Online Store
  • offer and/or inform about additional services, events, offers, promotions and benefits
  • keep in touch by mail, phone or SMS (or any other type of direct message) or to answer questions
  • invite the User to provide their opinion about our Service
  • prepare anonymous statistical analyzes that we use to identify target groups, market studies and improve navigation in our Online Store.


Ensure and maintain a reliable and secure Online Store

Of course, it is also in our legitimate interest to ensure and maintain a reliable and secure Online Store. We may also process and store your data to comply with legal obligations. For these reasons, we process personal data for:

  • prevent, track and combat fraud or any other illegal use of the Online Store
  • register, mediate and resolve possible disputes or irregularities
  • fulfill our legal obligations, such as keeping records, and fulfill our duties in the context of criminal investigations or other investigations carried out by competent authorities
  • enforce our terms and conditions and other policies


  1. When will information be provided to third parties?

When shopping for items

When purchasing items from the Online Store, your data, such as your name, address and telephone number, will be provided to transport companies in order to carry out the transport and delivery of the item(s) who bought. In these cases, b simple establishes in the service provision contract with these third parties that they will follow the same principles defined in this privacy policy, will not transmit this data to other entities and will strictly follow the applicable legislation in terms of data protection.

We may also involve processors. These are third parties who perform services for us and, in this context, also process personal data. For example, processors may provide us with payment services, advertising, customer service or sales support, help us to disseminate advertising campaigns or analyze reviews, and help us to protect the Online Store from fraud. Processors have a duty to maintain confidentiality and may only use the data necessary to provide us with services, in accordance with our instructions.


To ensure secure payment, we use Stripe and PayPal as a third-party payment service provider. We use Stripe and PayPal to process most payments made to us. In that case, information relating to your payment, such as your name, email address, bank account number, date of birth and, if applicable, TIN, will be transmitted to Stripe or PayPal via a link encrypted. Stripe uses and processes this information in accordance with the Stripe Privacy Policy and PayPal uses and processes this information in accordance with the PayPal Privacy Policy.


In our online store we also have the option of paying by bank transfer. In these cases, the transfer receipt that is sent may contain the identification number of the bank account from which the payment was made. This information is only processed by b simple in the event that a refund is required. The receipts received are archived for historical purposes.


We also use third parties (for example, Facebook, Instagram, among others) to show you b simple advertising banners on other websites. These third parties use cookies to suggest content that may be of interest to the User. Please see our Cookie Policy. Also, in our Online Store, you can find buttons from Pinterest, Instagram or other social platforms. When you click on these buttons, the respective platform may record that activity to personalize your experience on the social platform.


When we are (legally) obliged and need to apply our Terms and Conditions. We may also disclose your data to third parties:

  • if we feel obliged to do so, for example in the event of disputes
  • to comply with statutory obligations, such as court orders
  • to cooperate with authorities, such as the police or tax authorities
  • to ensure compliance with the b simple Terms and Conditions


  1. How do we protect your information and how long do we keep it?

We take security very seriously and have security procedures and technical restrictions in place to protect your data from unauthorized access, destruction or alteration. In addition to security measures such as encryption of your data, we recommend that you carefully select a password and keep your Account access data secret.

We keep your information to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, and to comply with the legal obligations to which b simple is subject.


  1. How can you control your information?

If you want to know what information we hold about you, you can ask us for an overview of your personal data or to delete them. You can do this by sending an email to Please clarify in the subject of the email whether it is a request to block or delete. In this way, it will be easier for us to help you as soon as possible. Remember that b simple may request additional information to determine your identity, such as a copy of your identification document. In addition, we may need to retain certain information to comply with national laws or regulations (for example, to comply with applicable tax laws), prevent and combat fraud, resolve disputes and enforce our Terms and Conditions. In some cases, you can ask us to restrict or block certain processing.

When you consent to us using your data, for example to send you marketing emails, you can easily withdraw your consent. You can do this by sending an email to or by clicking on the “Cancel subscription” link in an email.

If your data changes and you want to keep your data up to date with b simple, for example to continue receiving our information and promotions, simply send an email to

If you wish, at any time, to carry out the portability of the data you provided to b simple, you can do so by sending an email to In response, the data that b simple has will be provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. In this context, the mail to be sent must come from the same email address associated with the Customer's registration in the bsimple database.


  1. What should you do in case of a breach of privacy?

If you believe that we have infringed your privacy rights, please notify us by sending an email to This allows us to investigate the matter as quickly as possible.

You can also lodge a complaint with the relevant authority in your country.


  1. Can this Privacy Policy be changed?

b simple has the right to change or supplement the Privacy Policy at any time by posting the updated Privacy Policy on the Online Store. The most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy can be found on the Online Store. We will notify you by email if the change or supplement significantly affects your rights or obligations or we will alert you to the changes during your use of the Service.


  1. Contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at any time using the following contact information:


Cookies policy

Cookies and other tracking technologies may be used on our website in a variety of ways. Therefore, we think it is important to explain to you what Cookies are and why they are used by b simple. Please read the following information carefully to understand how b simple uses Cookies and what your options are.

  1. What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small amount of data that is placed on your computer's browser. Cookies use various techniques to publish data or read data on users' devices, such as their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, to, for example, identify them or save their preferences. The best known Cookies are small (text) files that are placed on devices and can be re-identified later. We also use other tracking techniques, such as javascripts, web beacons (tags) (small blocks of code installed on a website, application or advertisement that may provide certain information about the device and browser you are using) or device fingerprinting. , mobile identifiers and tracking links. All of these technologies are collectively referred to as “Cookies” in this Cookie Statement.


  1. How long do b simple cookies remain active?

The Cookies we use have different durations. A “session cookie” expires when you close your browser, while a “persistent cookie” remains on your device for a certain amount of time. You can delete all Cookies from your browser whenever you want through the Cookie settings in your browser. The location of these settings varies depending on the browser you are using. To find out where your settings are located, use the search function on the settings page or use the help function in your browser.


  1. What cookies does a b simple use?

We use so-called First-Party Cookies as well as Third-Party Cookies. First Party Cookies are placed and read by b simple itself. Third Party Cookies are Cookies that are placed and/or read by third parties. We also use so-called Tracking Cookies. Our Primary Tracking Cookies are used exclusively to track your browsing habits on our Online Store. Third Party Tracking Cookies can also be used to track your browsing habits on various (other) websites, not just our Online Store. We cannot control this tracking and therefore would like to refer you to the privacy policies of the third parties involved.


Functional Cookies🇧🇷 Functional Cookies are Cookies necessary to enable the use of the Online Store or certain features. For example, there is a Cookie that ensures that your account session remains active and you do not need to continuously log in to your account whenever you click on a link in the Online Store. These Cookies are placed regardless of your consent when you visit the Online Store or use certain features. We also use Functional Cookies to:

  • check what type of account you have
  • detect if you are logged in to your account
  • save the type of device that was used to visit the Online Store
  • check whether gallery view or list view is used
  • check if you are on the main page of the auctions or on the collector's portal


Analytical and research cookies🇧🇷 These Cookies retain how visitors use the Online Store. We may use information from these Cookies to analyze the use of the Online Store and determine what causes errors in the Online Store. Some of them are placed regardless of your consent when you visit b simple, such as those that only collect aggregated data. Analytical and research cookies are used to:

  • track the number of users on the Online Store
  • track the time you spend on the Online Store
  • track the visit order of different internet pages
  • decide which parts of the Online Store need improvement
  • show you results of opinion polls about you
  • understand what kind of user you are


Functionality Cookies🇧🇷 We use these Cookies to find out what you like and how you behave in the Online Store. Based on that, we can show you the articles best suited to your interests. To show you personalized content on our Online Store, we use these Cookies to track your behavior to get an idea of your interests and to remember the item you chose to visit.


Commercial Cookies🇧🇷 These Cookies are used to show you advertisements on third-party websites that match your interests based on your behavior in our Online Store, such as, for example, to see the articles you have visited and to track the advertisements you have already seen to prevent you from being always seeing the same ads and checking if you clicked on an ad


Social network cookies🇧🇷 We want our users to have the opportunity to share their experiences in our Online Store and with our Service through social networks. For this reason, we have placed some buttons and options related to social networks in our Online Store. Through these buttons and options, the respective social network providers can place Cookies to be read later. These Cookies allow:

users logged in on selected social media platforms to share content directly from the Online Store

allow users to view embedded videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode


  1. How can you control the use of Cookies?

You can manage your Cookies settings in the browser you are using. Please follow the instructions provided by your browser on how to accept, remove or reject Cookies. Don't forget that our First Party Cookies are important for our Service. If you choose not to accept them, this may affect the availability and functionality of some of the features that make our Online Store user-friendly and attractive. For example, by disabling these Cookies, you may need to log in to your account each time you visit us. If you choose to disable certain Cookies, you may still see online advertising, however these advertisements will not be tailored to your interests or preferences.


  1. Can this Cookie Statement be changed?

We may amend or supplement this Cookie Statement. We strive to keep our Cookie information up-to-date, but we emphasize that Cookie overviews are always instantaneous. Due to the constant innovation of the Online Store and the fact that the internet and the various parties involved are continually changing, it is possible that an updated version of Cookies and information about Cookies is not always available in this Cookie Statement.


  1. Contact

For questions related to this Cookie Statement and the use of Cookies in our Online Store, you can contact us by sending an email to