It is in b.simple's DNA to want to be part of a lifestyle that is fuller, more conscious and more aligned with our inner truth. Therefore, our collections are much more than clothing proposals; are the ideal pretext for self-discovery, for us to challenge the the status quo and to take ourselves to the next level.

After the break for the holidays, there is a comeback. Entering the new season brings an invitation to new beginnings, new experiences, and discovering our balance.
It is the start of a cycle that we want to experience as a new beginning. We are looking for a change in our life, one that dislodges us, challenges us… that makes us take the leap.

As in a METAMORPHOSIS. This is the inspiration for the new Bsimple collection, which is also like this: a commitment to confidence, power and a woman's attitude, with the freedom and vitality that take her further. A passage that can be profoundly transformative.

Look inside, focus on your dreams... and be who you want to be.
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