What is the price of our clothing?

The price of our parts reflects our values. Therefore, talking about price means being aware of what we do, how we do it and with whom, and why we do it. 

I want to come talk to you about this matter with the greatest transparency and make myself available to answer any questions that may arise.

Each piece is designed to be functional, versatile and timeless, in a design that allows you healthy freedom of movement to ensure your comfort and contribute to the inexhaustible desire to find your natural and unique beauty.

Our pieces are made on a small scale in a family environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. I have the privilege of getting to know each person involved in the production and treating each one by name. Most are women, between their 30s and 60s. But men roll up their sleeves and do the same tasks if need be. How many times have I met Mr. Luís, owner of the factory, behind the machines or at the iron!

The fabric of our garments is made in Barcelos, and Mr. José already knows that when other customers' knits are left over, Margarida is interested! We only produce when there is no stock in the warehouse. And we haven't produced in a long time.

This is the great advantage of always working with the same raw materials.

And have you ever thought about what kind of finish the piece you wear has? Yeah, there are things we don't even remember. This year we started a new method of organic dyeing, as we feel a huge responsibility to improve each piece that comes to you.

And for that you need to assemble the machine!

From the atelier, to the warehouse, through the online store or national and international points of sale, investing in the search for better processes and materials, guaranteeing the evolution of the product and the business. Study, disseminate and communicate. Always aware of our impact and the value of the people who are with us.

This is the value of our parts.
Now tell us what do you think about our price?


Thanks for being here with us!