Seasonless fashion: a trend that is here to stay?

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2020 was the year that “made fashion tremble”. With the emergence of the pandemic, physical stores were forced to close their doors, fashion weeks were canceled and many jobs in the fashion industry were eliminated. 

Consumers were confined to their homes, dressed in comfort and practicality. As a result, most retailers were forced to withhold entire spring/summer collections due to store closures. It was at that time that even the big luxury brands questioned themselves about the most correct way to develop their business.

It was also at the peak of the pandemic that Alexander Michael, creative director of Gucci, announced some changes that provoked changes in thinking and behavior in the fashion industry. 

In addition to announcing that the brand would abandon “the worn-out rituals of seasonality and fashion shows”, the creative director also announced that the brand would present fashion shows only twice a year. This shift was based on rethinking society's excessive consumption practices which, in turn, lead to the powerful environmental impact caused by the textile industry - the second most polluting in the world. 

Faced with this positioning of one of the greats in luxury fashion, many brands also decided to rethink and modify some of their practices. A Michael Kors it's at Saint Laurent accompanied this change.

The pandemic ended up accelerating consumers' desire to join this seasonless fashion, increasing the need for the industry to adopt more agile product development processes and merchandising strategies.

Brands that rethought their strategies towards seasonless fashion saw their numbers soar, were able to create a stronger and more loyal consumer base and achieved higher margins.

Seasonless fashion: the concept

Following the cycle of conventional fashion, we are used to seeing new product launches centered on the seasons: spring/summer fashion and autumn/winter fashion.

Contradicting this habit, the seasonless fashion - also known as seasonless fashion - is based on a very simple and differentiated strategy: instead of offering consumers what they expect to see at certain times of the year, the brands now present a variety of products and trends in constant evolution throughout the year.

This new way of working and looking at fashion breaks some of the rules that consumers are used to. By seasonless fashion, it becomes more common to wear white in winter and cashmere in spring.

Most clothes can be worn for different seasons and styled in versatile ways. Designing seasonless fashion means designing high quality clothes based on durability, longevity, functionality and versatility.

Another great benefit of seasonless fashion is that it allows factories to have consistent production and workers to have more relaxed work rhythms - away from the “roller coaster” that is the preparation of a new collection each season. 

What has been the industry response so far?

Faced with this paradigm shift, stylists are increasingly focused on putting more timeless in the gateways and that allow for greater longevity in consumers' wardrobes.

The collections have become increasingly minimalist, changing prints and trendy pieces for colors and textures that can be used in all seasons, towards a more timeless fashion. This change also represents a unique opportunity for designers, since their creations can be more free and with less restrictions.

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Libby Page, senior editor for the fashion market at Net-a-Porter, in interview the magazine Harper’s Bazaar says that “there has been a more seasonal approach to fashion, as we see pieces like boots, which would traditionally only be worn in the winter, combined with midi dresses in the summer. Trench coats are also worn over thicker sweaters and under vests in winter, making a traditionally springtime item work year-round.”

The truth is that, in recent years, and with consumer awareness of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and its workers, we have begun to see a shift towards seasonless fashion which has become increasingly popular. 

While for many consumers it still makes sense to buy new clothes whenever they can, for others, the priority is to consider the true value of their clothes. 

Consumers who have been part of the movement seasonless fashion are adjusting their priorities. They are now looking to build a more versatile wardrobe, avoiding buying clothes that can only be used in a certain climate.

Overproduction in the textile industry

The environment is undoubtedly one of the biggest drivers of seasonless fashion. After all, the textile industry generates hundreds of tons of waste every year, either through the production processes of clothes or by discarding the pieces.

The fashion industry has been working at an overproduction pace for a long time. With new collections constantly being launched and fashion shows that mark the beginning of the new season, we find ourselves victims - and we are part - of unbridled consumption and nothing responsible

In addition to the large number of micro-stations launched per year by brands fast fashion, currently we are also faced with the existence of brands ultra fast fashion focused on launch daily of new parts. This increased frequency of news is another way for the industry to create a sense of urgency in consumers which, in turn, leads to overconsumption. 

Added to this are all the ethical implications inherent. Low-paid labor, child and/or slave labor, social inequalities and lack of transparency with the consumer are some of the weak points that characterize the fast fashion.

The turn of each new season brings new collections and trends, creating a consumer need to buy what the industry offers. It's this “newness expectation” and the all-encompassing societal pressure to constantly wear new clothes that is hurting the environment, the workers who make the clothes we wear… and our wallets!

Based on this, the expansion of seasonless fashion has been a lever to slow down this breakneck pace of overproduction, overconsumption and overwaste.

How to adhere to seasonless fashion?

A seasonless fashion it brings a unique opportunity for us to embrace the styles and pieces we really want to wear. A style driven by practicality and individualism, which eliminates the need to adhere to trends that are in vogue.

In an initial phase, it is necessary to understand which are the main elements that make up your lifestyle. Thinking about colors and fabrics that are in line with personal taste, personality and the message to pass.

Passenger trends should be eliminated and invest in versatile, quality pieces that can easily be transitioned between casual and formal styles. It is essential that each piece is chosen consciously and that, above all, it makes sense as a timeless fashion option.

Furthermore, it is important that the chosen pieces can combine with each other and in different ways. In this way, the wardrobe becomes more versatile and suitable for different seasons. 

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Making choices based on the assumptions of seasonal fashion is a sustainable way to invest in a versatile wardrobe, capable of lasting many seasons. Furthermore: 

  • It gives you the freedom to break the rules and simply develop your own individual style;
  • Allows you to support the fashion industry's commitment to building a greener future, wasting less and choosing quality over quantity;
  • Provides a versatile wardrobe made up of pieces that are easy to use/combine, and that are suitable both for workdays and for a restful vacation; 
  • It takes the pressure off of constantly updating your wardrobe.

So, betting on marks slow fashion that use natural raw materials - while valuing and respecting the environment and its workers - is a good starting point! 

The sustainable alternative slow fashion prioritizes investment in superior quality garments that are strategically designed for a versatile, practical and functional wardrobe. 

365: A Seasonless Collection da B.Simple

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Based on the line of thought of seasonless fashion, in the “365 - Seasonless Collection” you will find a wide range of options that can be used in any season, and that allow you to maintain a style that is always current. 

In the colder seasons, for example, the pieces that make up the collection can be used in outfits layered and easily combined with other garments that are already part of your life!

With easily combinable colors, the pieces of Seasonless Collection are essential, basic, easy, and that guarantee your well-being: a true must-have in every woman's wardrobe!

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