Fashion and Self-esteem: what is the relationship?


In recent years, and with the development of the online world, the influence of fashion in our lives is, more than ever, something that is very present. It became almost impossible to ignore fashion influencers, trends and advertising campaigns where the base is always one: fashion and all its aspects.

During the pandemic, it was necessary to deal with self-esteem and look at it with different eyes. The social isolation, insecurity and uncertainty experienced had a great impact on people's lives, which resulted in mood swings and low levels of self-confidence for many.

With this, the need to take care of the mind and body grew, but also the desire to dress. Use and abuse. Risk. More than ever, fashion has taken center stage, continuing to be one of the most powerful forms of expression and personal affirmation

The power of fashion in raising self-esteem

It's not new anymore. The clothes we wear have a big influence on our mood, confidence and self-esteem, as they represent a big part of our visual presentation to the world. 

A simple piece of clothing goes beyond the ability to highlight a body or, in certain cases, camouflage some insecurities - because we all have them! However, a simple dress or shirt can transform our well-being by helping us to feel beautiful and authentic and, consequently, boosting our self-esteem.

We've all had the experience of wearing a piece of clothing that doesn't suit us and automatically feeling uncomfortable and out of place. However, the opposite effect also happens: wearing clothes that “fit like a glove” and that are capable of reflect our personality, will make us feel much more confident and determined.

A theory known as dopamine dressing suggests that wearing certain types of clothes that make us feel good can help combat low self-esteem and achieve much happier states of mind. 

The secret is: the next time you're feeling down, swap out your sweatpants and sweatshirt for clothes that bring you more joy and happiness. Opt for pretty prints and colorful tones and your energies will be renewed!

The world around us

Every time we come across a smelling, well-dressed man or an elegant woman in high heels on the street, we quickly associate them with someone confident, determined and/or even from a top professional category. On the other hand, if that same person shows up dressed in a track suit, we're not going to make the same association, are we?

When we feel good about what we wear, the world around us also feels that way. Not only because of what we are using, but also because, automatically, we “wear” a glow that comes from the inside out. 
So, feel good about ourselves it is the key to how other people interpret us.

Dress the way you want to feel

One study conducted by Northwestern University focused on the concept of “enclothed cognition” which is based on how the clothes we wear affect our mental and behavioral states.

For this study, white coats were distributed to all participants. However, some were told that they were doctor's coats and others that they were painter's coats. All participants had to perform the same tasks. 

At the end of the experiment, it was found that the participants who wore the “doctor's coats” performed the tasks more carefully and attentively than the participants who wore the “painter's coats”.

According to the authors, this study concluded that the concept of enclothed cognition involves the “co-occurrence of two independent factors: the symbolic meaning of the clothes and the physical experience of wearing them”, having a great impact on psychological processes.

Intuitively, the clothes we wear affect not only our self-esteem, but also our behavior and they can be decisive in the way we perform certain tasks. So, we should not only dress according to how we feel, but also how we want to feel!

The fashion plus size 

The relationship established between thinness and the world of fashion is quite old and, for this and other reasons, for many years women plus size they felt on the fringes of fashion. 
However, a few years ago, things started to change and brands realized that most consumers did not feel represented by skeletal bodies. This change brought very positive results, since the beauty standard imposed by society affected women's self-esteem plus size.

Fortunately, the offer of clothing for women with more curves has increased, and this type of body has been gaining space in fashion editorials and passerelles from all over the world.

The fashion plus size Its premise is to value each body type, showing that a woman can feel beautiful, confident and self-assured regardless of the size she wears.

modelos plus size

Be you… Bsimple!

Feeling good and being fashionable is the new fashion. 

Before we can be seen and treated in a certain way through the eyes of others, we need to feel good about ourselves and work on our self-esteem day after day. 

All of this starts with self-love and self-acceptance: a process of inner discovery towards personal transformation. It's realizing the immense value of your “self” and loving yourself… above, and first of all!

It means having the freedom to evolve and the courage to go through beautiful metamorphoses.

Metamorphosis: the power of transformation

Entering the new season brings an invitation to new beginnings, new experiences, and discovery of our balance. It is the start of a cycle that we want to experience as a new beginning.

Fashion must meet functionality, but it should also be the starting point for the freedom creativity and the audacity to make a difference. Go further! Dress in new colors, make unlikely combinations. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and venture out.

We are looking for a change in our life, one that dislodges us, challenges us and makes us take the leap: as in a Metamorphosis🇧🇷 This is the inspiration for the new collection Bsimple, which is also like this: a commitment to confidence, power and a woman's attitude, with the freedom and vitality that take her further. 

A passage that can be profoundly transformative. Why Metamorphosis is about transformation🇧🇷 The leap to new fresh starts🇧🇷 It's having the freedom to take risks. The courage to look inside and practice self-knowledge. Metamorphosis is about trust and self esteem

Look inside, focus on your dreams and be whoever you want! 


“There will be no butterflies if life does not go through long and silent metamorphoses”. Rubem Alves

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